Piling rig drilling piling into ground

Types of piling

VolkerGround Engineering is able to design and construct a variety of piled foundations depending upon structural requirements, ground conditions and project budget.

We advise clients at all construction stages on the best equipment to utilise and piling foundation option for each individual project. 

Click on the below to read more on the variety of bespoke equipment and foundation solutions we offer.

  • CFA Continuous Flight Auger piling

    The highly versatile CFA piling technique has become the most widely used bored piling system in the UK.

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    Piling rig drilling piling into ground
  • Rotary bored piling

    Bored piles are installed using high torque piling rigs where structural requirements dictate higher bearing loads and or pile lengths need to penetrate hard rock layers, boulders and overcome underground obstructions.

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    piling work on a construction site
  • Steel sheet piling using vibratory techniques

    Typically steel sheet piles are installed as temporary or permanent retaining structures within both marine and land based environments to suit most ground conditions.

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    piling work on a construction site with O2 arena in the background
  • Silent piling

    This method of pile installation has become increasingly popular in dense urban areas where piling noise and vibration can be an issue. Advances in the technology means that tubular sections are becoming a viable option for this technique.

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    Silent piling at 3 mills

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