VolkerWessels UK believes that integrity is of paramount importance and it is a core value to the company. We expect all employees, and those who work closely with us, to behave with integrity at all times.


Our decision making is linked to ethical values, compliance with corporate, legislative and other requirements but also being prepared to seek further improvements. We always maintain effective oversight and scrutiny processes, carried out with independence and impartiality.

Our key policies are:

Integrity policies

VolkerWessels UK has a full suite of policies relating to all matters concerning integrity and will not hesitate to take necessary action to ensure all our activities are conducted to the highest ethical standards. These policies cover all matters pertaining to integrity, anti-corruption, fraud and whistle-blowing.


The VolkerWessels UK whistle blowing hotline number is 01992 305 118 and all information is treated with respect and in accordance with the highest level whistle blowing standards.