Safety boat on the sea

Additional equipment

VolkerMarine Services supplies a wide range of standard accessories to suit a wide variety of applications, as well as ancillary equipment to use with our Linkflote pontoons.

We have an extensive marine fleet for operating in category A, B, C or D waters, as categorised by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. This includes canals, non-tidal rivers, tidal rivers, large, deep lakes and lochs, and estuaries.  

Spud systems

Based on the basic Linkflote unit, spud pontoons are constructed with a central sleeve opening which accommodates a spud pole. Used in pairs on Linkflote assemblies, spud units are particularly useful as an alternative to anchors, when operating floating platforms in shallow waters.

Winch systems

Winches can be fitted to Linkflote rafts and platforms and used for mooring or operational requirements. Winches can be hand or air operated and specific configurations can be provided.

Ramp attachments

Linkflote ramp units share the same robust design and construction as pontoon units and can be connected to the ends or sides of the basic Linkflote unit. Ramp connectors allow movement of the ramps and facilitate shore loading and access, whilst accommodating a wide range of tidal heights; relative to the shore or bank.

Safety boats, workboats and tugs

VolkerMarine Services has an extensive fleet of safety boats, workboats and tugs. Whether you require a large cabin rib for coastal working or a nimble open boat for use on an inland waterway, VolkerMarine Services will deliver. Ranging in size these vessels can be deployed with ease, even in areas with restricted access. 

Ensuring delivery direct to the site access point (unless otherwise specified), we give you the choice of bareboat or full operative support.

Rafts and platforms

All rafts and platforms are constructed using the basic Linkflote unit, which ensures complete stability. Buoyancy checks are kept as simple as possible to allow the most suitable configuration of platform or raft to be easily and quickly selected.

Ferries and barges

Linkflote shore loading ferries can be independently powered with propulsion units, or towed using either underwater or overhead wire rope and shore-based winches. Ship to shore and offloading ferries can be constructed with ramps at the bow end and propulsion units at the stern. VolkerMarine Services maintains a hire fleet of workboats and winches that can be used for the movement of ferries and barges.

Landing stages and causeways

With the simple addition of decking, mooring bollards and ramps, a wide range of landing stages and causeways can be formed using Linkflote units. Linkflote landing stages can be constructed in any size or shape to suit customer requirements. Where heavy loads are placed on a long landing stage it may be necessary to fit articulating connections to reduce bending stresses. By fitting ramps at each end of the pontoon’s landing stages and causeways, vehicles can drive straight across without difficulty. Depending on customer requirements, steel or timber decking/mats may be used, to spread loads.

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