Steel frame in a workshop


VolkerMarine Services offers comprehensive steel fabrication services.

Steel frame in workshop

With our experienced and capable team, we can fulfil a wide range of fabrication needs to support your projects, including:

Fabricated handrailing:

  • Galvanised key clamp handrailing
  • GRP handrailing

Miscellaneous steelwork:

  • Boot wash stations
  • Smoking shelters
  • Steel blanking plates
  • Trestles

Structural components:

  • Open flooring (mild steel / galvanised / GRP)
  • Small bridge sections (up to 12m in length)
  • Lifting frames
  • Wailing beams (up to 12 m in length)
  • Steel mats / ramps
  • Steel road deck plates
  • Small platforms (up to 12sqm)

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