Pontoons with crane on river in New Zealand


As true specialists with 90 years of experience, VolkerMarine Services should be your first choice for commercial pontoon hire or purchase. With an expert in-house design team, we are able to provide robust and reliable pontoons in configurations ideally suited to your commercial needs.

Acton Bridge

Acton Bridge

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Commercial pontoons for hire

Offering the largest fleet of Linkflote™ and Uniflote modular pontoons (sectional barges), VolkerMarine Services can be counted on to fulfil all of your commercial needs. We also supply plastic pontoon systems, with a wide range of accessories available. Specialising in the provision of commercial pontoon hire for the civil engineering and maritime sectors, we promise a service that will meet your commercial expectations.

Crane on pontoons working on water

Pontoon sale

Pontoons bought by our client in Holland.

Commercial pontoon hire that's trusted worldwide

VolkerMarine Services has a fleet of more than 200 pontoon units, plus a full range of pontoon accessories. With their modular design and robust construction, these commercial pontoons are suitable for a wide variety of commercial applications, including the construction, maintenance and repair of ports, harbours, bridges, and other marine structures. They are also used in the marine logistics sector for transporting materials and plant.

River Winster

River Winster

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Range of applications 

Our commercial pontoon hire units are modular and compatible with Uniflote and can be configured to suit your needs. They are suitable for a range of purposes, including:

  • Floatation and transportation of construction equipment
  • Flood and coastal engineering
  • Maintenance of reservoirs and dams
  • Maintenance of Bridges
  • Construction and maintenance of ports, harbours, and docks 
  • Work platforms, jetties and walkways
  • Temporary roads and bridging
  • Vessels, ferries, landing craft, and barges
  • Scaffolding and temporary works
  • Site investigations and inspections
  • Piling works
Plastic pontoon

M20 bridge, Ashford

VolkerMarine Services plastic pontoons supplied to VolkerLaser.

Plastic pontoons 

VolkerMarine Services offer a wide selection of plastic pontoons to complement the Linkflote™ pontoon system. Designed for flexibility and durability these plastic pontoons are suitable for lighter duty requirements, such as: walkways, jetties, boat moorings and work platforms. 

We also supply fendering, ladders, mooring cleats and gangways in a range of depths and sizes to suit your commercial needs.

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