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Linkfloteᵀᴹ pontoons

Linkfloteᵀᴹ pontoons (sectional barges) are versatile, road transportable and easily handled modular flotation pontoons used for both temporary and permanent marine infrastructure, transportation applications, civil engineering and marine developments across the globe.

Pontoons leaving the yard

VolkerMarine Services pontoons

Pontoons loaded and ready to leave our facility.

VolkerMarine Services has the largest for hire stock of Linkfloteᵀᴹ and Uniflote modular pontoons in the UK. The fleet consists of over 200 pontoon units, complete with a full range of pontoon accessories.

Sunderland Wear crossing

Sunderland New Wear Crossing

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Whatever the application, our Linkfloteᵀᴹ units can be assembled to give an effective and economical solution, irrespective of configuration.

Manufactured at our facilities in the North West of the UK, we are the only manufacturer of this type of pontoon unit in the world. Our Linkfloteᵀᴹ units, which are fully compatible with existing Uniflote pontoons, are sold and hired to a range of customers across the globe.

Kettleton Reservoir

Kettleton Reservoir

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Using location lugs and couplers, fixed to the sides and ends of each Linkfloteᵀᴹ, our units can be easily connected to form almost any pontoon shape, configuration and/or specific requirement. Linkfloteᵀᴹ pontoons can be easily formatted for use as marine work platforms, ferries, barges, causeways, floating and swing bridges, access ramps and landing stages. Linkfloteᵀᴹ units can also be used with panel bridges and a range of standard accessories to suit a wide variety of applications, including floating roads with our bespoke road deck units.

Linkflotes'ᵀᴹ modular design and robust construction provides flexibility and strength, which combine to give a long and effective working life. Whatever the application, units can be assembled to provide an effective and economical solution. 

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Ardingly Reservoir emergency stabilisation works

Ardingly Reservoir emergency stabilisation works

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Operating manuals for our Linkflote pontoons and marine equipment

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