Supply chain

Our supply chain is an integral part of our commitment to offering clients a quality service. We establish mutually rewarding, ongoing relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors, and today work with many organisations where we have a long and successful history of cooperation. We operate a policy of prompt payment to agreed terms.

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Our comprehensive database, which includes key management and performance data, is available across our five business units, and specialist businesses, enables us to fully engage with our supply chain partners for long term mutual benefit. 

We welcome new partners, as we grow organically and develop new markets in the UK. The group actively supports the use of local workforces and Small and Medium Enterprises where practically possible. 

How to get paid

To work with VolkerWessels UK, you will be required to demonstrate the following:

To register your interest to work with VolkerWessels UK, please submit your details via this link. Our supply chain will be expected to comply with our downloadable policies and procedures.

Once you have registered your interest, no further action is required. When your expression of interest has been received, this will be reviewed by our procurement team and feedback will be issued in due course.

Thank you for interest in working with us. 

If you are a subcontractor, read here:

If you are a Subcontractor that employs five or more persons, for prequalification approval to secure work you must hold:

Subcontractors will not be required to join CAS to tender work - only to secure work. Note that Constructionline are our VWUK on-boarding partner, meaning the link below shall be used for all new organisation applications.

You need to ensure you maintain a verified profile with Constructionline Gold/CAS, or by one of the other providers, that are accrediting to the Common Assessment Standard and ask for your data to be shared with Constructionline, meaning you will not need to undertake an additional assessment.

Please refer to below link to register or upgrade your membership:

For all our other supply chain partners, read here:

The CAS mandate does not apply to the following:

  • Materials suppliers
  • Vehicle fleet suppliers
  • Consultants and designers
  • Non-operated plant
  • Statutory undertakers or utility companies
  • Subcontractors that are not in a construction environment
  • Subcontractors that employ less than five persons
  • Subcontractors RISQS accredited that only work directly in a rail environment for VolkerWessels UK

These organisations will need to complete a VolkerWessels UK pre-qualification questionnaire and demonstrate Health and Safety competencies appropriate to the services being provided. However, those that are already CAS approved or choose to register with CAS will not need to complete this questionnaire.

Our approach

We are committed to the highest ethical standards and no director or employee will contact the supply chain on procurement matters that are not ethically sound and appropriate. 

Please be aware that there are potentially third parties who may seek to imitate construction firm directors and employees who are outside of the control of the company. If you receive any correspondence that seems unusual please report it immediately to:

Procuring with purpose 

We want to ensure all types of businesses have a fair opportunity to work with us so have an approach to procurement with sustainability embedded into it. This includes working with SME’s, Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprises (VCSE’S) and organisations with diverse leadership teams. We also recognise and understand the importance of procuring locally and the benefits this brings to communities and families, so prioritise this where possible.  

For all business unit policies, please contact:


Daniella Ellis

VolkerWessels UK procurement team