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Get paid

Our supply chain are very important to us, find out how to get paid.

We are undertaking a major system implementation across all of our businesses and are moving to a new ERP system.

We ask that all invoices are always sent via email to the relevant business. Please see the list of contact details below:

Invoices may also be sent to: Accounts Payable VolkerWessels UK Hertford Road Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire EN11 9BX

Please note that if sending to this address, the name of the recipient company printed on the invoice should not change - this is just an address to which invoices may be sent in instances where email is not an option. Please note that invoices sent by email will be processed more quickly. Do not send copy invoices by post, as this may delay your payments.

The mailbox is no longer monitored, and invoices sent to this address will not be considered as received by us, and will not be processed for payment. Please therefore use the aforementioned email addresses, noting the relevant business with which the transaction has taken place.

What do you need to know?

Purchase order number

Always quote the exact purchase order number given to you at point of order. 

All purchase orders will have a precise value and any invoice that has exceeded the value of the purchase order will be subject to query. Please also note that we will return any invoice not quoting a valid purchase order number.

Details required on invoices

All invoices should adhere to the standards required by HMRC for a valid VAT invoice. In addition to this, we will require the following information on all invoices:

  • Purchase order number
  • Name or site number to which goods/services were supplied 
  • Contact name of person who presented or signed the order
  • VAT split for items with different rates
  • Full description of goods/services supplied along with your supplier code, if appropriate
Subcontract payments

Please note that we make subcontract payments based on our internal paperwork and certificates issued to subcontractors under the Construction Act 2009. If you do produce a VAT invoice, this must accord with the value that has been certified. If you do not produce a VAT invoice, you will be required to complete an Authenticated VAT Receipt. This becomes the HMRC approved document upon which we are able to recover input VAT, and if you do not provide these, it may hold up future payments to you.

Contact details for payment queries

Your first point of contact to ascertain whether or not your invoices and certificates have been received, approved and released for payment is the VolkerWessels UK Accounts Payable team, who can be contacted via our Head Office switchboard on 01992 305000

Payment run dates in month

We currently execute one payment run per week. In most instances, this is finalised on a Wednesday, for funds to clear into supplier accounts on the following Monday. However, this can be subject to change, for instance due to bank holidays. We only make payments by BACS. Please also note that all invoices received require approval from the appropriate business, before they can be released for payment.

How are disputed invoices dealt with?

In the first instance, all disputes will be raised and managed by the site teams. The supplier will be advised that there is a query relating to the goods and/or services supplied, and it will be the initial responsibility of the site team to come to a resolution with the supplier. The following steps will be taken to raise and resolve a dispute:

  1. The nature of the dispute is discussed between the site team and the supplier.
  2. The site team and supplier will come to an agreed time frame for resolution.
  3. The supplier is responsible for providing feedback to their accounts team relating to the nature of the dispute and the resolution date.
  4. The respective site team will provide feedback to the VolkerWessels UK Accounts Payable team as to the nature and the resolution date of the dispute.
  5. Within the agreed resolution time frame, the VolkerWessels UK Accounts Payable team will await instructions from the site team as to whether or not the dispute has been resolved ahead of schedule and whether or not funds can be released to the supplier.
  6. In instances where the dispute has elapsed the stated resolution time frame, the VolkerWessels UK Accounts Payable team will escalate the matter to the appropriate management level to ensure a new resolution date or the release of funds to the supplier.
Other information

Our systems and processes are constantly evolving as we aim to improve the efficiency and quality of our procurement, processing and payment procedures. Any changes that materially affect the information described above will be communicated to our supply chain.

Contact us
  • Julie Pinto (Finance shared service center payments supervisor) 01992 305073
  • Graham Davey (Group procurement director) 01992 305305