Our philosophy is that “there is no such thing as can't”. As such, our dedicated and experienced in-house engineering department is crucial to our success. Our engineers are able to optimise HDD designs and push the envelope in terms of innovative delivery, but with safety and environmental protection non-negotiable factors.

VTS pipes

Trenchless techniques

Depending on the technique selected, the diameter of the duct or pipe can range from 40mm-3,000mm. Lengths typically range from 10m to over 2,500m. The scale and diversity of our rig fleet means we can deliver a broad range of HDD projects in-house.

We can work with any type of ducting or piping material, be it steel, fibreglass, HDPE or cast iron.

A pipe pusher on site.

Pipe pusher

A pipe pusher is a pipeline pressure device with a series of conveyor belts that can be used to support a HDD operation. A pipe pusher is used instead of a pipe thruster which must be repeatedly regripped.

Trenchless knowledge

Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of geology, soil mechanics, engineering and project delivery, we are able to select the correct drilling method and apply this successfully in a diverse range of ground conditions, be it marshland, rock or gravel.

The scale and diversity of our rig fleet – ranging from 9 tonne machines to 450 tonne and everything in-between – means we can deliver a broad range of HDD projects in-house.

We also have our own rock reamers, fly cutters, barrel reamers, pipe rollers, pipe pushers, pipe thrusters, swivels, winches and other equipment which are routinely serviced and available to our project teams at short notice.

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