VolkerTrenchless Solutions provides landfall connectors for €350million interconnector project

VolkerTrenchless Solutions is well underway with drilling the first set of landfall connectors, which will allow cables to pass under the English Channel across to France from a local substation in Chilling, United Kingdom.

IFA2 drone shot of project.

The IFA2 project is being developed by a joint venture between National Grid and RTE France. Once complete it will link the national grids between France and the UK, providing electricity to the wider market for domestic purposes.

VolkerTrenchless Solutions is using a 250tonne drilling rig, located 100 metres in-shore and close to the substation site, to drill under the cliffs and exit 650 metres out to sea, allowing the power cable to be safely installed. VolkerTrenchless Solutions is also providing marine support during the installation of the polyethylene ducts, which will be extruded in one continuous length for each of the six drillings.

“We are delighted to be working on such a prestigious project that will allow the flow of power between France and the UK. This project highlights our unique trenchless capabilities as a leader in the underground drilling market.”

Maurits van Balen Blanken General manager at VolkerTrenchless Solutions

The trenchless works subcontracted to VolkerTrenchless Solutions are due for completion in September 2018, with final project completion expected in 2020.

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