Driven sheet piles

VolkerGround Engineering is able to offer its clients a range of driven steel piling solutions to suit most site ground conditions.

piling work on a construction site

We can design and install a variety of steel bearing pile alternatives for structural and load bearing applications within both marine and confined urban environments.

Steel sheet piles

Typically steel sheet piles are installed as temporary or permanent retaining structures within both marine and land based environments to suit most ground conditions.

Tubular steel bearing piles

Using both new and recycled steel tubes they can be driven to a depth in excess of 60m.  Typically tubes are top driven open ended.  The versatility of steel tube lengths and sizes will suit most load combinations.

Combi steel walls 

Using a combination of steel sections to form robust structures.  By combining different steel sections the lateral stiffness and bending resistance is enhanced and far exceeds the load carry capability of conventional sheet piles.  Further lateral stability can be offered by anchors, bracing and props to suit.

H Piles (Universal columns)

These are typically installed as bearing piles or for kingpost applications. 

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