CFA Continuous Flight Auger piling

The highly versatile CFA piling technique has become the most widely used bored piling system in the UK.

Piling rig on site.

VolkerGround Engineering can design and install piles varying in diameter from 300mm to 1200mm in a wide range of ground conditions to a maximum depth of 32m.

  • Our fleet of modern fully instrumented rigs are ideal for efficient, quiet and vibration free CFA pile installation within the most environmentally sensitive construction sites
  • CFA piling installation process is versatile for most ground conditions as it does not require casing or support fluid
  • Considered to be the most cost effective of the bored piling techniques 

How does the process work?

The construction process used in CFA piling involves the rig drilling a hollow stem auger down to the required depth.

Once depth is attained, the concrete is then pumped from a static pump and storage agitator.  Utilising the on board instrumentation system, the rig operator is able to match the tool withdrawal to the rate of pumping; ensuring positive pressure is maintained throughout the construction process.

Once the full bore has been concreted and excess spoil removed a pre-formed steel reinforcement cage is inserted to the designed depth.

Key capabilities

  • Rig Loadings: 20 - 125 tonnes
  • Pile Diameter: 350-1,200mm
  • Maximum depth: 32m
  • Working Load: up to 10,000 kN

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