Supply chain

Sustainable supply chain and ethical procurement

We are committed to operating our business in a fair and ethical way, ensuring we procure with purpose with likeminded supply chain partners.

Supply chain

Procuring with purpose 

We want to ensure all types of businesses have a fair opportunity to work with us so have an approach to procurement with sustainability embedded into it. This includes working with SME’s, Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprises (VCSE’S) and organisations with diverse leadership teams. We also recognise and understand the important of procuring locally and the benefits this brings to communities and families, so prioritise this where possible.  

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Partner members of the Supply Chain Sustainability School  

We are proud Partner members of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, ensuring the School remains free to users to access a wealth of sustainability related resources including face-to-face training, e-learning and networking events. This is a valuable resource for our supply chain partners and employees alike. 



Our award-winning ‘People-Planet-Purpose’ sustainability framework unlocks our desire to take bold action to balance the needs of the environment and society alongside our growth as a business. We are making a commitment that 2020-2030 will be our ‘Decade of Action’.