Supply chain policy

VolkerWessels UK seeks to be a responsible buyer of goods and services. We set the highest standards to ensure that all our business is conducted ethically, sustainably and within the laws of the country that we operate in. It is essential that you, our valued supply chain, are with us on the journey to ensure we work in collaboration and sustainably reducing paperwork for all.

We are continuously trying to improve our ways of working with our valued supply chain partners across diverse construction sectors we work in, encompassing micro, small, medium, and large enterprises.

We recognise that our supply chain partners often receive duplicated documentation across our five operating businesses, therefore, to make processes in this area simpler we are introducing an annual request that asks you to read, sign and agree to our group policies, reducing paperwork for all.

It is most important that we get a signatory from at least one statutory director and another senior manager (statutory or otherwise) that can appreciate the importance VolkerWessels UK attaches to a number of legislative, compliance and governance areas of business. 

The below policies and guidelines present some basic principles for working with VolkerWessels UK (VWUK).
(Note: Term ‘Supplier’ includes sub-contractors, agents, suppliers of goods, services, plant, and products.)