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United Utilities AMP7 Water Framework

United Utilities provide water and wastewater services in the northwest of England. They deliver these services to over seven million people and 200,000 businesses. To provide the best service for their customer’s, United Utilities have committed to achieving seven target outcomes as a result of works delivered in the AMP7 period - read below to find out more.


The seven target outcomes are:

  • Drinking water is safe and clean
  • Customers have a reliable supply of water
  • Customers find United Utilities easy to do business with
  • The natural environment is protected and improved in the way services are delivered
  • Working methods will be improved to keep bills down and improve customer service
  • Wastewater will be collected and recycled
  • The risk of sewer flooding for homes and businesses will be improved.

What we are doing

Each of the United Utilities’ outcomes is underpinned by a set of performance commitments and service targets. As a contractor on the AMP7 Framework, we are delivering both upgrades and new build works to water and wastewater facilities so they can achieve the performance commitments and therefore, the overall outcomes.

We are currently delivering preconstruction works on over a dozen wastewater treatment projects. During preconstruction we deliver design, estimating, planning, procuring and risk assessment works to confirm the solution is constructible, cost-efficient and ensure that it achieves the performance commitments set by United Utilities.

Once we have agreed a final solution with United Utilities, our operatives will deliver our assigned works on-site to the same high standards the client has seen us deliver across the previous AMP6 Framework.

Project successes

Our works will be essential in helping United Utilities carry out their business plan, which is focused on improving customers’ costs and experiences. Carrying on our work from United Utilities’ AMP6 Framework, allows us to continue to improve customer experience, carry forward tried and tested innovations, and resolve issues before they can impact the public.