Aerial shot showing ships berthed in Portsmouth

Our defence offering is spearheaded by VolkerStevin and VolkerFitzpatrick, recognised leaders in designing, building, refurbishing, and maintaining the nation's vital defence infrastructure across air, sea, and land. We have successfully upgraded major critical infrastructure at naval and air bases all over the UK, including nuclear regulated sites. 

This long and successful history in the Defence Estate has enabled us to grow an extensive resource pool of qualified and experienced experts who are well-versed in the intricacies of operating within highly secure and nuclear-regulated environments – where long held plans can change overnight to meet the priorities of the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force and United States Air Force.

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Aerial shot over airfield


Our history of working at military and civilian airports dates back to the construction of Second World War era airfields. We provide a complete solution to military airfield and campus infrastructure requirements.

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Aerial shot showing ship berthed at Thanckes Oil Fuel Jetty


The defence sector has become a key focus for our marine specialists over the past decade. Our engineers and construction experts have helped to deliver new and improved assets at Naval Bases around the UK and overseas. 

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Military hanger


Whether it be new or upgraded building facilities, site-wide infrastructure or specialist mechanical and electrical installations, we have the specialist in-house engineering and construction skills and resources to meet defence customers’ needs. 

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Eddie Tattersall

Eddie Tattersall

Group Strategic Development Director