VF Aviation

Specialist Aviation Services

Our Specialist Aviation Services division work around some of the busiest airports across the UK for a variety of clients in both civil and military bases. We provide essential solutions to safely enhance and maintain the life cycle of runways and taxiways with minimal impact on ongoing airport operations.


We provide a wide range of services including pavement maintenance, concrete repairs, electrical installation, airfield ground lighting (AGL), paint marking, asphalt preservation, and joint sealing works. 

Our history of working within a ‘live’ airport environment requires very specific skills, driven by stringent timing and safety standards. We liaise closely with key stakeholders to ensure disruption to airport services are minimised, whilst ensuring projects are completed safely, on budget and on time.


Airfield maintenance

We have installed over 500 thousand linear metres since formation. Using specialist materials we undertake:

  • Flexible concrete repairs which flex with the pavement movement, thereby reducing cracking and lasting longer.
  • Asphalt repairs which require no compaction so small sizes repairs can be undertaken 
  • Extruded fuel and non-fuel resisting joint sealing works for concrete and asphalt
  • Unique recessed joint repairs between asphalt and concrete
  • Asphalt preservation where asphalt surfaces are treated with a proven preservative to extend the life of the surface, hold together surfacing fines and reducing FOD at a fraction of the cost and time associated with a resurfacing intervention
  • Concrete protection and preservation
  • Cable installation works including cable containment management systems
  • Electrical switchgear and distribution
  • Saw cutting and drilling
  • Linemarking, including captive blasting for removal of old markings.


We provide a wide range of lighting solutions including high mast and amenity lighting, as well as airfield ground lighting (AGL). 

We have delivered some of the largest and complex airfield projects within the UK across both civil and military airfields and work collaboratively with all stakeholders to provide the most cost effective, efficient solution that works for each environment and application.