VolkerWessels UK receives the ‘green light’ for expansion and growth

Further to the announcement and recent presentations regarding our proposed expansion plans for the offices in Hoddesdon and the introduction of a new innovative housing development project on-site, we are pleased to announce that we have finally had the application approved by the Broxbourne Council.  

Boxwood CGI - web.jpg
Boxwood CGI - web.jpg

The Councillors finally gave the ‘green light’ for the plans to expand both the office and facilities on-site, as well as launching our new housing development project, during their planning committee meeting on Tuesday evening 14 March, following a challenging application process.

As per the original presentations held at the end of last year, the plans are to add a two storey extension to the main offices, and a basement, mirroring the existing building.  The extension will include additional training facilities, meeting rooms and more office space to house all head office based staff.


We are currently working on the precise timescale for the works to commence and the planning of people movement, offices and facilities, to ensure the least amount of disruption for all of our teams in Hoddesdon.  Once plans have been finalised, a more detailed communication will go out to everyone, which will be the start of regular updates throughout the project.

Alan Robertson, CEO said: “This approval is excellent news for VolkerWessels UK, both in terms of the expansion of our offices at Hoddesdon and the opening up of a new market sector which cements our desire to be a new entrant into the housing marketing, something the government is keen to encourage.”