VolkerWessels UK makes major impact on repurposing of waste wood

Since partnering with social enterprise organisation Community Wood Recycling VolkerWessels UK has made a major impact on the collection and reuse of waste wood from our sites across the UK.

wood report.jpg

The company’s latest Social and Environmental Impact report from Community Wood Recycling shows that, through the scheme, over 197 tonnes of wood have been collected from several of VolkerWessels UK’s locations across the country during 2021. This not only helps reduce the cost of disposing the wood, but allows for the wood to be repurposed, recycled and reused, which in turn provides environmental benefits. In addition, an impressive 99 tonnes of CO2 have been saved through the scheme’s use of specialist collection trucks, which use half the fuel of a skip lorry.

The recycling initiative also supports local communities, by working with local people, and helping bring those who are marginalised into a supportive workplace. During 2021, VolkerWessels UK supported the creation of 2 jobs which included full training.

Emma Ward, head of sustainability and inclusion at VolkerWessels UK, said: “By partnering with organisations such as Community Wood Recycling we continue our commitment to balance the needs of the environment and society alongside our development as a business.  Schemes such as this one help us to protect and enhance our natural environment, as we strive towards zero waste to landfill.”