VolkerStevin appointed to the Environment Agency's Collaborative Delivery Framework

VolkerStevin has been appointed to the Environment Agency’s (EA) Collaborative Delivery Framework (CDF), a new framework which will continue the delivery of the EA’s flood and coastal erosion risk management programme.

Littlehampton 2014 - 459 scale.jpg
Littlehampton 2014 - 459 scale.jpg

VolkerStevin has worked continuously with the Environment Agency over the past 15 years, and will become the sole delivery partner for capital works in two regions - the north west and the south east. 

The new Collaborative Delivery Framework replaces the Environment Agency’s Water and Environment Management (WEM) Framework.

Rob Coupe, managing director at VolkerStevin, said: “We are delighted to have been appointed by the Environment Agency to its Collaborative Delivery Framework. This is our fourth framework with the EA and we are looking forward to the transition from the WEM framework, and to helping the EA successfully achieve its ongoing flood and coastal erosion risk management goals.”

Toby Willison, executive director of operations at the Environment Agency, said: “This ambitious new framework will help us to continue to deliver our £2.6 billion flood and coastal defence programme in a way which ensures that sustainability, efficiency and value for money remain at the very heart of the work we do to protect people, homes and the environment.

“The Environment Agency continues to work closely with partners and communities from across the country to deliver our commitment of investing £2.6 billion to better protect 300,000 homes from flooding and coastal erosion over six years.”

Work is scheduled to begin in 2019, running through to 2023, with an option to extend for a further four years.