VolkerBrooks supplies pontoons for Mare Harbour

VolkerBrooks was contracted to manage and coordinate the procurement, packing, logistics and dispatch of all plant and equipment requirements for Mare Harbour to the Port of Moerdijk in the Netherlands, including three crawler cranes – 350 ton, 160 ton and 90 ton.  

VB mare harbour
VB mare harbour

They also designed and manufactured one of the key elements of the work, the small boat pontoon (SBP).

The SBP comprises 18 pontoons that link together to create a floating walkway to allow smaller vessels to use the roll-on roll-off facility without getting in the way of larger ships.

VolkerBrooks is also coordinating the specialist plant requirements needed to carry out the construction works in the Falkland Islands and has sent one of their experienced maintenance engineers to the Islands to maintain the plant and equipment and ensure production is optimised in an extremely challenging environment.