Notification: Email Fraud

VolkerWessels UK have been made aware of a number of bogus e-mails and other correspondence which have been being received by individuals worldwide. This correspondence claims to be from directors or employees of VolkerWessels UK and purports to provide an opportunity to individuals to provide goods and services to VolkerWessels UK or its subsidiaries or requests changes to bank account details.


Please be aware that these communications are not from VolkerWessels UK or its directors or employees. It appears that they are part of a scam, coordinated by an unknown person, or persons, using our name illegally and without agreement. Please be assured that a genuine VolkerWessels UK director or employee would not contact the supply chain on procurement matters that are not ethically sound and appropriate. Furthermore, there are no plans for VolkerWessels UK or its subsidiaries to change their bank accounts.

We have been notified of numerous fraudulent communications, which have been reported to the police and we are taking action to try to stop this. If you have received any such communication, we strongly advise that you do not respond or communicate further with the sender and report it to the relevant authorities. We have also been advised that a false phone number has been set up and would strongly recommend that if you wish to contact us, you ensure that you independently verify our correspondence address and phone number.

If you have been sent what you believe to be a fraudulent email or correspondence of any nature, please report it to us at

How can you verify the authenticity of any correspondence

  • CHECK the authenticity of any communication by searching against the company’s name on the internet and not by the URL given in the communication.
  • Please ensure the correct spelling of the company name. Any variation may be considered suspicious.
  • CHECK the authenticity of any telephone numbers by searching on the company website on the internet and not by the URL given in any communication.
  • Directors and employees LinkedIn accounts may be cloned to add credibility to the approach. Check if there are multiple LinkedIn contacts for the same person and report it if suspicious.
    VolkerWessels UK contact details as shown on this website are: and phone number +44 (0)1992 305 000.