Introducing VolkerSmart Technologies

Earlier this year, VolkerHighways launched their brand new Smart Cities initiative, ‘VolkerSmart Technologies’.

VST logo_web
VST logo_web

Becoming a Smart City means digitally linking the local infrastructure, to benefit the communities who live and work within it. This requires upgrades to communications equipment, sensors, data platforms, analytical software and personal apps.

VolkerHighways already provides, installs and maintains much of the physical infrastructure required for a Smart City.

In addition, the business has been implementing technologies such as central management systems, vehicle charging points and independent electrical connections for some time.

By utilising their existing skills, accreditations and experience, they are now expanding this area of their offering, under the name ‘VolkerSmart Technologies’.

VolkerSmart Technologies offers:

  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Variable message signs
  • 5G
  • Independent electrical connections
  • Fibre optic cable networks
  • Rotating mast arms
  • Smart City infrastructure
  • Central management systems
  • CCTV
  • Integrated project management

Alistair Thompson, managing director of VolkerHighways, said: “I am excited to be expanding our offering within this important area of transport and infrastructure. Smart Cities are the future and through VolkerSmart Technologies we are helping our clients to pave the way for more efficient and interactive public services.”

For more information, contact our business manager David Easton.