DWDR development gives back to the local community

VSBW, a joint venture between VolkerStevin and Boskalis Westminster, who are delivering the first stage of the marine infrastructure for the Port’s  prestigious Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR) development, , is not only changing the local marine landscape, but also delivering a lasting legacy for the local community.

VS DWDR scheme gives back to the local community
VS DWDR scheme gives back to the local community

To date, VSBW has employed 308 people, split between office workers and operatives on-site.  Impressively, 16 percent of employees are female ranging from project managers through to HR and accounts, which is well above the industry average.

One of the key requirements of the overall development was in terms of inclusion of businesses and communities within the local area.  VSBW is really proud that almost half of employees on site live within the East Kent catchment area, and even more impressively, a third of all employees on-site live within the immediate area of Folkestone, Dover, Deal, Sandwich and surrounding villages (25 miles).  The project itself has contributed over £129m to the East Kent economy through a policy to source labour and materials locally.

In addition, community involvement has also been a major priority for DWDR and, since the start of the development in January 2017, over 1,200 hours of volunteering within the community has taken place with £32,260 having been raised and donated to charitable causes within the local area.

Although we are nearing the end of Stages 1 & 2 of the development, which will start to see the phasing out of VSBW’s involvement; the Port of Dover is continuing to work with the newly appointed contractors to build on these community foundations for the future.

Ron Eckersley, CSR Manager for VSBW said: “DWDR’s lasting legacy is extremely important to VSBW as any project is not just for the here and now, but more so for the future of the community, the area and the industry as a whole, and as such we take that very seriously indeed.  I, and the whole of the project team, are proud of our achievements on-site.”

Dave Herrod, DWDR Project Director at the Port of Dover, said: “Dover Western Docks Revival is already benefiting our economy, even before it is open – providing business for local contractors, creating new jobs and developing the skills of our workforce.
“Once completed its impact will be even greater, as this flagship development will provide a catalyst for regeneration in Dover, supporting the jobs and livelihoods of local people.”