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Network groups

We operate three active Network Groups, all with the aim to bring likeminded people together to provide a community and supportive environment to share experiences. Each group is always open to welcoming new members, here’s a brief overview of our groups, written by their Chairs.


Our LGBT Network aims to facilitate social and professional networking for LGBT employees whilst advocating for and raising awareness of LGBT issues, especially for marginalised and underrepresented groups. The group seeks to ensure all LGBT matters are reflected in a positive, inclusive and fulfilling work environment whilst increasing visibility of employees who identify as LGBT, promoting equality across the organisation and reaching out to anyone within the LGBT community who may feel alone, vulnerable and marginalised.

It is so important to have a network like this as it helps increase the visibility of LGBT+ people at work, helping to create an environment where everyone feels confident to be themselves. We act as a ‘critical friend’ in driving forward change and ensuring that a culture of inclusion is embedded.

Trevor Stone

Trevor Stone

Parent and Carer

One of our newest networks is our Parent and Carer network, set up to support the parents, grandparents, guardians and people on the road to becoming parents. We also support our members who are carers for others, they may be carers for family, friends, neighbours etc.

We provide a safe space for our members to come together to ask for advice, support. The network meets every two months via teams with sessions on topics our members have chosen and wish to learn more about. We have an active teams’ group were members post useful information to help others and to ask questions.

After I became a first-time mum, I realised how challenging it can be for people returning from family leave. The Parent and Carer network is a group of like-minded parents and carers across the group who support each other and offer support to returning employees to ensure they feel confident and ready to return to work.

Jenni Flanders

Jenni Flanders


We have a great Menopause network set up on Teams which has a wealth of information about how to cope with various symptoms at work (and at home). This means anyone going through Perimenopause, Menopause or Post Menopause, anyone who is affected by someone going through it i.e. wife, girlfriend, daughter, partner etc, or anyone who is just interested to know what it is all about

Navigating menopausal symptoms in the workplace can be particularly challenging. Through the 'Menopause Mayhem' network, I am committed to raising awareness and fostering open conversations within our company to ensure that everyone feels supported during this phase of life.

Karin jones

Karin Jones