VolkerSmart Technologies awarded contracts to install electric vehicle charge points across West Sussex

VolkerSmart Technologies is working in partnership with Connected Kerb, one of the UK’s leading providers of EV charging infrastructure solutions, to install electric vehicle charge points (EVCP) across 18 public car parks and on community facilities in West Sussex.

Connected Kerb EVCP_web.jpg
Connected Kerb EVCP_web.jpg

The team began the programme in March, with the installation of 35 dual 7Kw EVCP across six car parks. The project involved the delivery of the civils and electrical works, the installation of a feeder pillar at each site and the fitting of the EVCP.

During the programme, VolkerSmart Technologies was awarded a further eight sites by Connected Kerb. The team is currently providing all civils and electrical works and installing 40 dual 7Kw EVCP, with provision for two of the car parks to have extra charging capability to allow future addition of further chargers.

Upon the completion of the eight sites, the team will begin working on a further four sites to install 13 dual 7Kw chargers.

To ensure disruption was kept to a minimum, trenching across some roads were dug in two halves to maintain access for residents and businesses and a street lighting and parking meter was relocated to ensure safety was maintained.

Several of the car parks are located near flats and businesses, the new charge points enable electric vehicle users based nearby to charge their cars where they are unable to have a home charge point installed or space at business car parks are limited.

Research has found that 37 percent of total carbon emissions in West Sussex are the result of road transport, with over half of these emissions coming from car travel, and the aim of this work is to tackle the county’s carbon footprint. The chargers being installed will be capable of charging a car in three to seven hours.

This is the second major project for the team working in collaboration with Connected Kerb, and follows the successful installation of EVCP across seven prison estates throughout England and Wales last year.

David Easton, operations director for VolkerSmart Technologies, said: “We are delighted to be continuing our partnership with Connected Kerb. These chargers aim to increase accessibility for residents who have no access to off-street parking, as well as changing communities’ attitudes on sustainable living. The charging points have also been selectively chosen to support additional smart capabilities, such as road sensors, in the future.”

Chris Pateman-Jones, CEO of Connected Kerb, said: “We are delighted to be working with VolkerSmart Technologies on this critical installation project. They have proven a valuable partner in our mission to deliver reliable, long-lasting charging points throughout the UK and we look forward to working with them further to meet our installation objectives.”

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