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HomeNewsIncreasing efficiency on Luton’s roads with VMS

Increasing efficiency on Luton’s roads with VMS


VolkerSmart Technologies recently completed a project with Luton Borough Council, installing a series of variable message signs (VMS) in and around Luton town centre.


Since the end of May, the team has installed a total of 15 VMS to small, medium and large size specifications, at various strategic locations throughout the borough. These include large screens on the approach to Luton Airport, which allow the council to provide drivers with updates such as upcoming motorway delays, safety notices and parking availability.

The business has also provided smaller screens throughout the town centre, providing residents and visitors with live information on the number of available spaces in nearby car parks.

By providing this information in a live, updating format, the council is able to increase the efficiency of road users across their network. This, in turn, optimises car park use by ensuring that drivers are aware when spaces become available.


VolkerSmart Technologies supported the council through each stage of the project; liaising with the VMS manufacturers during the design phase, installing the signs and then delivering ongoing maintenance works.

David Easton, business manager for VolkerSmart Technologies, said: “It was great to further develop our relationship with Luton Borough Council, through this project to improve driver information. We are delighted to have helped the council’s transition towards this Smart City solution.”

Cllr Paul Castleman, portfolio holder for highways, said: “This is great for Luton drivers, who can now access timely updates during their journey, that relate directly to where they are and where they are going. We believe this will help decision making in what routes to take, optimise the use of parking spaces in the town centre and ease congestion.”


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