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Working for us

People are at the heart of all our activities and we pride ourselves on being an attractive and responsible employer. In order to realise our ambitious plans for growth, we continuously invest in the talent and potential of our employees.


We invest in people development and wellbeing in a variety of ways and actively look at new methods of recruiting and developing talented individuals to achieve their maximum potential.

The culture of VolkerWessels UK is to ensure that employees receive on-going training to the highest of standards, that both technical and development skills are continually reviewed and enhanced, ensuring we have the available skills needed, across our workforce, for sustainable and continued growth.

We strive to be a business that attracts, retains and develops the potential in everyone. Developing a highly trained and experienced workforce means that we maintain a breadth of knowledge across all sectors and drive value for our clients, in our technical and business solutions.

What can you expect from us?

We offer an exciting working environment, where you will contribute to exceptional projects that have social, economic and environmental significance.

We have an eye for talent and will continuously support people’s development, seeing to it that people capitalise on all available opportunities. Employees receive full support if they wish for a change in careers, offering different opportunities across departments and companies.

Across the group, we have the following initiatives in place to support career development:

  • A performance and development review process that promotes regular discussions based on your own career aspirations and that of your manager for you. The review provides a platform for on-going feedback on performance, development and opportunities for learning and progression.
  • An in house training academy which offers training and education programmes to all of our employees across all the business units, including technical, professional and management training courses.
  • Attendance to recognised training courses and seminars, for professional organisations.
  • Employee engagement survey, where views and opinions are gathered anonymously from all staff relating to involvement, communication and the working environment.
  • 'On the job' learning experiences across multiple disciplines and sectors, both in the UK and possibly overseas.


VolkerWessels UK is committed to quality, equality and valuing diversity. To request a copy of any of our policies, please contact us here.