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VolkerWessels UK Sustainability framework - People-Planet-Purpose


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People-Planet-Purpose is our framework for a sustainable business. The strategy sets out our desire to grow responsibly, to put people at the heart of our approach, to protect and enhance the natural environment and commits us to making responsible, forward-thinking decisions about the way our projects are executed. This is to ensure our work delivers long-term social value and leaves a legacy we are proud of.

Since its original publication in 2020, People-Planet-Purpose has become more established around our business, and we have achieved successes across each of the pillars that we are immensely proud of. However, with the speed of change in the sustainability arena, alongside the well reported urgency associated with key areas such as carbon reduction, social value and biodiversity, we felt it was important to refresh our strategic approach.

This updated version of 
People-Planet-Purpose provides a look back at our performance since launch, an update on our key activities throughout 2022, and introduces changes to our principal measures, enabling us to meet the needs of our business and stakeholders.

Emma Ward, Head of Sustainability and Inclusion, VolkerWessels UK reflects
: "People-Planet-Purpose launched our 2020-2030 decade of action, and has been enormously successful in generating important conversations about how we ensure sustainability is embedded into every day decision making across our business.

The refreshed version of the strategy aims to take our ambition to the next level. Each measure reflects a key area of importance for us, and for our stakeholders, and we are looking forward to working with our supportive leadership team, employees, and supply chain to bring these to life."

o read the updated framework, please click here.

For further information about our People-Planet-Purpose sustainability framework please contact sustainability@volkerwessels.co.uk.


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