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VolkerRail’s two new B 66 Matisa Tampers arrive in the UK


On Friday 24 February, the newest additions to VolkerRail’s on-track machine (OTM) fleet - DR 75005 and DR 75506 - arrived in the UK.

B 66 UC tamper 2023 - 1 (2).jpg

The two Matisa B 66 UC tampers are part of a significant investment programme to enhance the company’s plant division, further improving its services and modernising its capabilities.

Both machines are equipped with some of the latest tamping technology, including:

  • A Caterpillar C18 Stage V engine, to reduce CO2 emissions and noise, ensuring they comply with the latest emission standards.
  • Dual traction, enabling both machines to transit in a duplex configuration.
  • Data transfer by Wi-Fi technology, for parallel tamping, allowing both machines to tamp switches and crossing, will one master machine.
  • A ballast comb system, for clearing stone.

Niall McCreanor, director of specialist businesses, said: “We continue to offer our clients a better and more sustainable service, and the arrival of these two new tampers is a substantial step in the right direction.

“With the great efforts of our plant division, and Matisa, the arrival of these new machines extends our OTM fleet to 14. This expansion ensures we can continue our hard work in renewing and maintaining Britain’s railways.”

Now in the UK, the tampers will undergo further system testing, in readiness for their first production shift in April, as part of Network Rail’s National OTM contract.


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