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Success for Panel at Bromsgrove


Following 12 months of detailed planning VolkerRail, working with Network Rail, has delivered network improvements under the Bromsgrove Electrification Project as part of the CP5 Panel framework.

The overall scope of the project includes the construction of a new station, re-signalling and electrification of the route, ready for the new passenger service requirements in spring 2017.

VolkerRail undertook enabling works to assist Network Rail’s overall project programme, which included:

  • Establishing a fully operational site compound facility.
  • Undertaking principle contractor responsibilities.
  • Installing a new reinforced box culvert prior to the track re-modelling.

The new culvert was successfully installed, under three existing lines at Bromsgrove station, during a 59 hour, outside rules of the route, possession commencing on Christmas Eve. The lines were handed back into operational use, on programme, on 27 December 2015.

Due to the high quality of the installation, the temporary speed restrictions on the main lines were removed earlier than planned. This allowed the infrastructure to return to full line speed, seven days after installation of the culvert.

VolkerRail will return to the site later in the year to undertake substantial track remodelling works during a 12 day blockade.

Over the next four years and as part of the Panel framework, VolkerRail will continue to complete renewal and enhancement projects at sites across the network including Acton, Cannock, Darwen, Coventry and Leamington Spa.

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