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Wasdale 11kV Cable Replacement


VolkerInfra was contracted by Electricity North West Limited (ENWL) to place 1,600 metres of cable under Wast Water, one of the largest lakes in the UK, located in Wasdale; a valley in the western part of the Lake District National Park. The project involved the replacement of a faulty existing cable with a Core 70sqmm compacted copper conductor 11kV submarine cable.

VolkerInfra set up, transported and carried out the cable drum lift into the drum carriage and then winched it across the lake, placed it into position and joined it up to existing cables. The pulling process took eight hours and allowed for intermittent stoppages to attach the floatation system at 10 metre intervals.

The cable now provides electricity to homes at the remote Cumbrian village of Wasdale Head. The homes had been
without mains electricity for some time and had been relying on generators since a fault developed in the power cable under Wast Water.

ENWL initially hoped that a new power cable could be laid under the narrow lake side road leading to Wasdale Head. However,the discovery of dense rock meant this was abandoned, so it was decided to replace the cable under the lake.

Thanks to constant communication between all parties, successful project management and a well thought out design, the logistically challenging project was successfully delivered both on time and to budget.

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