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Medway Walking Bus Scheme

Cliffe, Medway

In partnership with the Medway Council, VolkerHighways has joined the Medway Walking Bus scheme in order to support the local community, encourage environmentally sustainable ways of travel and to promote road safety and awareness.

A walking bus is a fun, healthy, safe and sustainable way for children travelling to school. Children and volunteers walk in a group along a set route, picking up or dropping off ‘passengers' at specific ‘bus stops' on their journey to and from school.

Each walking bus contains a minimum of two adults, often staff or parents, per route; an adult ‘driver' at the front and a "conductor" at the back of the bus. 

VolkerHighways supported the scheme by donating £3,000 to sponsor a Walking Bus stop route.  The donation helped Medway to fund the scheme and went towards the following:

  • Installation of walking bus stops
  • Road safety training for every walking bus volunteer
  • High visibility tabards for walking bus users
  • Arrangement of employers' liability and public liability insurance for volunteers
  • Administration costs

School communities in Medway are finding that they can benefit from the positive effects the walking bus brings in enhancing road safety awareness skills among children, as well as health and environmental benefits.

To read more about the scheme visit the Medway Walking Bus website.

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