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Lavender Hill


VolkerHighways undertook the reconstruction of the highway on Lavender Hill in Enfield.  As part of the works the construction of the road surface was designed to reduce road noise for residents. The project was set up as a trial to be tested after completion, and used 90% recycled material.

Phased road closures provided residents with access to properties during the works. Chase Farm A&E hospital is at the northern end of Lavender Hill.  Close liaison with the ambulance station ensured this emergency service did not suffer disruption.

The existing concrete road was planed out and sent to VolkerHighways recycling depot at Broxbourne. The materials were recycled into Type 1 fill and laid on the old road and compacted. Concrete used for kerb backing and other structural needs was batched at our Broxbourne depot using 50% recycled aggregate. OCL Foambase structural grade was then applied with a new Ultraphone surface course.

The scheme's aim was to make significant use of recycled materials as well as provide a surface which would reduce tyre noise. Customer survey feed back from local residents has confirmed that the scheme was successful.

Ned Johnson from the London Boroug of Enfield said, "I completed the noise survey yesterday.

The results are as follows:

Pre-works sound monitoring, 1-hour L(A)equivalent 71.8 dB(A) was taken on 17 July 2009.

Post works monitoring, 1-hour L(A)equivalent 65.2 dB(A) was taken on 28 January 2010, i.e. a reduction of 6.6dB(A)

The reduction in noise terms is very large, as 3dB represents a halving of a noise level; in this case the post-work reading shows that a four-fold reduction in noise levels has been achieved, so the works have made a big difference."

Facts and figures

  • Client
    London Borough of Enfield
  • Contract Period
    July 2009 - October 2009
  • Contract Value
  • Project categories
    Civil engineering

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