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Hope Valley

Hope Valley

A VolkerRail and Story Contracting joint venture (JV) has been contracted to complete the vital upgrades needed to improve capacity and connectivity between Sheffield and Manchester.

The £80m project is part of a £137m investment and will see the VolkerRailStory JV undertake extensive enhancement works to remove several bottlenecks along the route to improve reliability, increase passenger services and aid in freight movements.

The Hope Valley Capacity Scheme forms part of the government’s commitment to upgrade the rail network across the North of England, and meet future passenger demands.

The project will be split across two main elements, which are:

  1. Dore and Totley station – Construct a second line at Dore Station Junction and extending track between West View Lane and Dore South Junction, as well as building a second platform to Dore Station and improvements to standage on Heely Loop.
  2. Bamford Loop – Construct a 1km passing loop alongside the existing railway to the east of Bamford station for passenger services to overtake freight trains

As part of the project, the VolkerRailStory JV will also be delivering a variety of community projects, including volunteering, schools engagement, work placements and other opportunities for young people.

Facts and figures

  • Client
    Network Rail
  • Value
  • Duration
    Two years
  • Project categories

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