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Carseview, Stirling

Careful planning, programming and co-ordination of all trades was key to the delivery of this time-constrained scheme, delivering works to 220 houses in Carseview, Stirling.

Key Services Provided

  • External Wall Insulation

SSE, as part of their commitment under the Community Energy Saving Programme, contracted directly with Clackmannanshire Council to deliver 220 houses on the Carseview Estate in Stirling. A key part of the agreement was to deliver all works by the 22nd December 2012; not only to ensure residents could enjoy a warm winter season, but also to allow draw down of the agreed funding.

Works included a dash finish, with colours chosen by the client specifically to stay in-keeping with the local area. Additionally, all rainwater pipes were cleaned and renewed In order to match existing gutters.

Wider community benefits including the drastic improvement of the living environment, leaving a sense of pride in the neighbourhood. Furthermore, by the utilisation of local companies, VolkerLaser were able to give back over £300,000 to the local economy. The scheme also resulted in an abundance of local job opportunities, with 25% of those employed on the project from the local area.

Due to the efficiency and excellent planning of VolkerLaser, key insulation works were completed on site 4 weeks early at the end of November, with follow-on render works on programme. An outstanding success, the works were delivered in accordance with the agreed lump sum and 100% to budget, providing the residents of Carseview with warm and healthy homes ready for the Christmas period.

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