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Brent Civic Centre

For this project VolkerHighways completed the external works for the new Brent Civic Centre, now located next to two iconic buildings, Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena.

Appointed by Quintain Estates, VolkerHighways was the principal contractor for all hard and soft landscaping surrounding the building and worked collaboratively with ENVAC on the installation of an integrated recycling system.

The £1.8m contract consisted of the construction of a king post retaining wall surrounding the entire centre, the construction of internal roads and external roads, paving, construction of a new carriageway, fencing, street lighting and the installation of the ENVAC recycling system. VolkerHighways worked with sister company VolkerGroundEngineering to install the king post retaining wall.

Installing ENVAC's vacuum waste collection system, a complex network of piping that takes waste from one area of the building to a waste collection area, involved excavating trenches 6m deep and laying 6m long steel pipes along the trenches. The integrated recycling system will provide a seamless approach to waste disposal at the centre.

Combining the functions of a town hall, conference centre, wedding venue, public library, café and customer service centre, the new Brent Civic Centre now provides office space for over 2,000 employees previously located in fourteen buildings scattered across the borough. Not only will the building contribute to estimated savings of £2.5m a year, but it will mean the council can offer a much more integrated service to residents, all under one roof.

Works at Brent Civic Centre

Works at Brent Civic Centre

ENVAC recycling system

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VolkerHighways has completed the external works for the new Brent Civic Centre, now located next to two iconic buildings,...