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VolkerWessels UK launches Thrive CSR portal


VolkerWessels UK is pleased to announce that it has launched a new solution to enable the centralised data capture of sustainability metrics and calculation of social value for its sites and projects, in association with Thrive CSR.

VolkerWessels UK’s People-Planet-Purpose sustainability framework provides the business with a robust, and flexible, approach to delivering sustainability excellence. The framework enables us to talk consistently to our stakeholders about our sustainability ambitions, but the ability to report the progress we are making towards the targets we have set is key to ensure ongoing engagement, trust, and success.

Thrive CSR is a specialist platform for capturing and reporting Employee Volunteering, CSR Activities and Social Value Commitments, helping organisations showcase their investment in local communities. Thrive has enabled VolkerWessels UK to establish a centralised portal, through which schools can request support for their activities; volunteering opportunities can be shared with employees; sustainability performance can be tracked, and the associated social value be calculated.

Emma Ward, Head of Sustainability for VolkerWessels UK, said: "Thrive has revolutionised the way we collect data and evidence our performance against key sustainability and social value metrics. We needed a straightforward and intuitive way of capturing and reporting on the commitments made in our People-Planet-Purpose Sustainability framework, and Thrive’s software meant we could do this in a simple and intuitive way, helping us to overcome data collection bottlenecks, by engaging with employees across the whole business. The reporting features have been pivotal in us being able to share our progress and further drive engagement internally, with our supply chain and with our clients.

“We have also chosen to use Thrive's additional modules to centralise the way schools can request support from our business, and to advertise volunteering opportunities from both schools and our chosen charities to all our employees. Integrating all these facets together is hugely impactful for us and is helping us drive forward our People-Planet-Purpose sustainability framework.”