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VolkerRail take part in TeenTech learning event


VolkerRail, in partnership with Business & Education Together, a Yorkshire based training organisation has helped TeenTech CIC bring their STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) event to South Yorkshire.


TeenTech is an industry-led initiative that helps students understand the further education and career choices available in science, technology and engineering.The aim is to challenge out-dated preconceptions that students hold about what it takes to be a scientist or engineer and inspire the inventors and innovators of tomorrow.

Held on 3 March at the Doncaster Racecourse, VolkerRail took part in TeenTech’s insight zone, which allowed students to participate in a 15 minute interactive engineering activity that was developed by the company’s engineering apprentices.

The aim of the activity was to get the students to build an electrically powered railway engine to run on a track with weights attached.

The students were required to appoint a project manager and engineers for the motor, body, chassis and running gear. Once roles were appointed, the students then completed the specific tasked for their role, before coming together to build the engine. The aim of the activity was to not only highlight the different engineering aspects but to also highlight the importance of open communication, between individuals and emphasise teamwork. 

At the end of the event, VolkerRail awarded prizes to the best team, the best engine design and the engine that carried the most weight.

Sandra Cooper, non-executive director TeenTech CIC, said: “This was a very successful and enjoyable event, with some students saying it was the best event they attended whilst in their secondary school. We are delighted that South Yorkshire hosted the event again and see it as a very worthwhile and meaningful way of encouraging students to develop an interest in STEM subjects.”