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VBA Louth and Horncastle flood alleviation schemes formally opened


Two VBA Flood Alleviation Schemes (FASs) in Louth and Horncastle which collectively reduce flood risk to over 350 properties, have been formally opened on 28 July, following successful completion of the projects.


Construction on the £6.5m Louth scheme and the £8.1m Horncastle scheme started in summer 2015, and was finalised last month. The projects were delivered in a partnership of the Environment Agency and VBA, a joint venture comprising VolkerStevin, Boskalis Westminster and Atkins, alongside other local councils, water drainage boards. 

The Horncastle Flood Alleviation Scheme consists of a single flood storage reservoir on the River Bain, upstream of the town of Horncastle. As part of this scheme, a number of residents whose homes are at risk of flooding from the River Waring were offered property-level flood protection, such as air brick covers and flood doors. The Louth Flood Alleviation Scheme consists of a flood storage reservoir on the Northern branch of the River Lud, and one on the Southern branch of the river.

Emma Howard Boyd, chair of the Environment Agency, said: “I am delighted that our partnership work with the community and local authorities in Louth and Horncastle will reduce flood risk to over 350 properties and support wildlife.
“People here understand the devastating impact of flooding and the tenth anniversary of the 2007 floods is a timely reminder of the real threat posed by severe weather. I ask everyone to check their flood risk, sign up for free flood warnings and look for advice about flooding on GOV.uk.”

In addition to VBA reducing flood risk to hundreds of properties in Louth and Horncastle, the two schemes also deliver benefits to the environment. In Horncastle, partners have created a large lake and wetland area which will provide a habitat for water voles. At the reservoirs in Louth, additional water vole habitat will also be created.
Nick Culshaw, framework director for VBA, said: “We were fortunate to have Emma Howard-Boyd visit us to formally open the Louth and Horncastle FRMS projects. With the project recently completed, it is another great achievement for the VBA team and will greatly contribute to the safety of communities and local wildlife against flood risk.”
Communities in Louth and Horncastle were significantly affected by the floods of summer 2007, when over 200 properties in the area were flooded. Close partnership working has since helped fund and made the two Flood Alleviation Schemes possible.


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