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Skanska VolkerRail Joint Venture (SVRJV) Awarded Certificate for Local Educational Support


The Joint Venture team working on the Stratford International extension, DLR Package 6, has been awarded a certificate from Newham Education Business Partnership (NEBP) for its support to local school's Construction Diploma programme.

Staff receiving awards for DLR6 work

In recognition for the outstanding support given to the young people of Newham, DLR6 has been awarded a certificate for its support of the Construction Diploma programme which is being provided to students by local schools and colleges throughout the Newham area.

As part of its commitment to the programme, SVRJV provides students with work experience, boss day; the one-day programme is divided into 3 seminars. In the first seminar pupils get the chance to interview their facilitators about their career, professional life, the company they work for, education and training. It focuses on what employers might/will expect from future employees.

And the creation and on-going running of "Breakfast Club" - a volunteered assisted reading programme at Star Primary School in Canning Town. The breakfast club's opening hours are from 07:45 to 09:00am and provide opportunities for pupils to get help with their homework, reading and develop social skills.

"We are delighted to receive the award and look forward to continuing to support the Construction Diploma programme." commented Ross Agnew, Project Manager.

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