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HomeNewsNetwork Rail renews National On-Track tamping contract with VolkerRail

Network Rail renews National On-Track tamping contract with VolkerRail


VolkerRail has been awarded the National On-Track Machine (OTM) contract by Network Rail, supplying up to 12 OTMs for the next seven years.

OTM contract 2018 image.jpg

The contract (valued approaching £100m) will see VolkerRail provide up to 10 tamping machines and two ballast regulators, as well as experienced machine operators and the management and engineering services of our plant division's team.

The award of this framework follows the successful ‘Supply and Operation of on Track Machines’ contract awarded to VolkerRail back in 2011, and allows our team to continue to support construction, maintenance and renewals work in a variety of locations - nationally.

Ken Robinson, specialist businesses director of VolkerRail, said: "This is a very important contract for us. Our plant division is recognised as one of the best in the industry, with a class-leading performance record and this contract validates their outstanding achievements, accomplished through previous contracts.”

In support of this contract VolkerRail continues to invest in new specialist plant and will be introducing new tamping machines in both 2019 and 2020.


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