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Fire and rescue service carry out mock rescue


Bispham Fire and Rescue Service took part in a mock rescue earlier this month at our Anchorsholme site. The crew brought in a dummy which they placed at the bottom of the shaft at our C2V+ project which they then rescued with the help of their rope team.

Health and safety advisor for C2V+, Kelly Foster said: “It’s a really good exercise for us to see what would happen out of hours and for them to see how they would rescue someone in a situation like this.

“Apparently they don’t get many opportunities like this which aren’t real life situations. The day was a real success and they may even come back to do the same when the lid is on to practice how to rescue someone in the confined space.”

Crew manager at Bispham Fire and Rescue Service, Andrew Farnham said: “Thank you to all of the crew up there for your help with the exercise. The boys all enjoyed it and, as was said in the de-brief afterwards, it’s good for us to practice in more realistic scenarios.”

You can view a video of the rescue at this site: https://youtu.be/tZ7CyDE_lo0

C2V+ is the joint venture between VolkerStevin and CH2M – more information on which can be found here: http://www.volkerstevin.co.uk/en/news/detail/c2v-joint-venture-awarded-amp6-contract