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European Procurement brings new Innovation


VolkerStevin is using a mass stabilisation system from ALU in Finland to stabilise more than 9,000 cubic metres of silts from two large docks, which will form part of a large residential development on the banks of the River Tyne.
Smith dock stabilisation
The stabilisation system is based around a 35 tonne hydraulic excavator with a specially developed mixing head attached to the dipper arm. Dry cement is blown through to the mixing arm at high pressure from a tracked silo. The machine used has been provided by subcontractor EcoFoundations and is the only machine of its kind in the country.

This method of mass stabilisation provides a much quicker and more efficient process than more traditional methods allowing greater control over quantities and the effectiveness of the distribution. It also means that the material can be treated in situ which is more environmentally beneficial as well as providing some element of value engineering.

The stabilisation is part of the regeneration of the former Smith's Dock in North Shields, which is being carried out by main contractor VolkerStevin on behalf of developer Places for People. When stabilised the material will be removed from the two docks and used in landscaping on the site.

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