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Construction workers donate to blood drive


C2V+ construction workers at Allonby have shown their bravery by donating to the NHS blood drive.

Allonby blood drive
Allonby blood drive

Last week around three quarters of the workforce pulled together and donated blood to the cause.

Project manager, John Williamson, said: “It was quite an experience and I’d be lying if I said a few of us weren’t a bit nervous to do it.

“Even some of the construction lads started to sweat a bit when they saw the needle! Joking apart, it was a great cause and many of us were keen to join in.

“It was actually suggested by the workforce to do the drive so it was really great to see it happen.”

C2V+, which was set up initially to work in the water sector delivering AMP6 projects, is a joint venture between construction contractors CH2M and VolkerStevin.

The joint venture is currently working at Allonby to improve the sewer system to ensure they do not overflow in bad weather – thereby offering a more environmentally friendly beach for the public to enjoy.