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Driver workshops

As part of VolkerWessels UK commitment to improving the health and safety of employees and the public, a safe driver workshop is frequently held on an on-going basis.

Driver workshops

The workshop reinforces and educate employees on the approaches and techniques that can be adopted to make them drive more safely. The training focuses on the management of the following key areas for drivers to improve their driving:

  • Fatigue
  • Speeding
  • Mobile phones
  • Maintaining safe distances
  • Dynamic risk assessment - continuous identification of hazards and adjusting driving to suit

During a two hour session, participants learn through real life case studies how they can become better drivers. This includes examples of better planning, both when driving and not driving, such as allowing for rest breaks to avoid fatigue and maintaining safe braking distances when following other vehicles.

The workshop also covers tips on improving driving style to reduce fuel usage. This includes dynamically assessing the road conditions ahead, to avoid unnecessary use of the accelerator and over-revving of the engine.


  • Safer, more considerate drivers
  • More economical driving techniques leading to reduced CO2 emissions and improved fuel economy
  • Increased road safety awareness
  • Reduced risk of road accidents