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Warning: phishing/recruitment scam - false job offers sent via e-mail and social media

VolkerWessels UK is committed to the highest ethical standards and no Director or Employee will contact the supply chain on procurement matters that are not ethically sound and appropriate. Please be aware that there are potentially third parties who may seek to imitate construction firm Directors and Employees who are outside of the control of the company. If you receive any correspondence that seems unusual please report it immediately to: reportfraud@volkerwessels.co.uk.

VolkerWessels UK has had a number of enquiries from people who have received via e-mail or through social media websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, what they thought were genuine offers of employment from VolkerWessels UK. These offers turned out to be fraudulent. 

If you have been sent what you believe to be a false recruitment email, contact us immediately at ReportRecruitmentScam@volkerwessels.co.uk

These fraudulent posts are aimed at people living outside the UK, who may want to find work here. Amongst other things, these job offers include accommodation, flight tickets and tax free earnings. The purpose of these fraudulent offers is to extract personal information or money, and they are not legitimate.

We would like to make it clear that a genuine job offer from VolkerWessels UK would only be made following a formal application and selection process, including a face to face interview.

This type of scam is known as a 'scam recruitment offer' or 'phishing scam'. It is an attempt to obtain cash from victims by offering lucrative jobs with "work permits" or "visa working papers" that do not exist. In this particular case it is an email scam where the sender is trying to obtain personal and/or bank information and/or money. These scams are conducted via the internet using either fake company websites, or by sending unsolicited emails claiming to be from a VolkerWessels UK employee or from our company careers site.

These e-mails can look authentic by including a company logo taken from official websites and adding convincing details about your personal information taken from your social networking pages. However, these e-mails have no connection with VolkerWessels UK. 

What you should NOT do:

  • DO NOT send money to further employment prospects. VolkerWessels UK never requests money for such purposes
  • DO NOT respond to unsolicited offers of employment from people you are unfamiliar with
  • DO NOT supply personal or financial data to persons you do not know
  • DO NOT continue to communicate in any way if you suspect the originator may be fraudulent

What can candidates expect from VolkerWessels UK?

  • VolkerWessels UK never asks for money from job applicants
  • Any genuine offer from VolkerWessels UK will always be preceded by formal application and professional selection processes including face-to-face interviews
  • VolkerWessels UK does not ask for bank details until the contract has been signed by both parties

How do I know if a job offer I have received is fraudulent?

Some clues to look out for include:

  • The e-mail or alleged contract makes poor use of language and/or contains bad spelling
  • It comes from e-mail addresses with a different domain name than expected (e.g. an alleged job offer from the UK comes from a Russian or Middle Eastern e-mail address)
  • If a job offer from VolkerWessels UK is unexpected, then it is probably fake

If you have been sent what you believe to be a false recruitment email, contact us immediately at ReportRecruitmentScam@volkerwessels.co.uk