Cable and pipeline installation

Burbo Bank extension HDD

VolkerInfra has successfully completed HDD ducts as part of work to connect the Burbo Bank wind farm extension, in North...

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Cambridge to Ryeford HDD


Under the Western Power Distribution (WPD) framework for trenchless installations, Volkerinfra was appointed as principal...

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Wasdale 11kV Cable Replacement


VolkerInfra was contracted by Electricity North West Limited (ENWL) to place 1,600 metres of cable under Wast Water, one of...

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Walney Offshore Windfarm Phase 1

Irish Sea

DONG Walney (UK) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of DONG Energy A/S, is constructing and building an offshore windfarm with...

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RAF Kinloss Sea Outfalls

RAF Kinloss

Planes and helicopters flying from RAF Kinloss provide vital military defence and emergency support to Atlantic shipping....

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