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VolkerStevin was awarded this £27.5 million contract by Glasgow City Council for the construction for 5km of sheet piled, in-situ and pre-cast concrete clad flood defence walls.

Facts and figures

Glasgow City Council
Commencement Date:
October 2008
Completion Date:
June 2011
Contract Type:
NEC3 Option A
Project categories

Constructed through the urban corridor on 26 separate sites.

Client targeted 10% use of recycled materials. The site team has achieved double that at 20%.

  • 6No Pumping Stations
  • 2No Raised Pedestrian Footbridges.
  • Quality Streetscape Improvements
  • Planting 1000 new trees
  • Utility Diversions
    • Gas
    • Electric
    • Water and Sewer
    • Telecoms

3rd Party Liaison, Consultation and Engagement:

  • 2No Planning Authorities
  • Scottish Government
  • Utility & Service Providers
  • SEPA
  • Local Roads Department
  • 1710 Individual residential property Owners
  • 210 Business Owners
  • Community Councils
  • Police and other Emergency Services

Registered with Considerate Constructor Scheme and average audit score over 9 visits = 35.7

Our full time liaison officer dealt with 97 formal complaints over 2 years, closing out 99% within 24hrs.

Environmentally Sensitive sites with various Issues and constraints as follows:

Pre-commencement surveys for:

  • Badgers
  • Otters
  • Kingfishers
  • Birds
  • Bats
  • Invasive Species


  • Construction of artificial Habitats for displaced Otters
  • Intensive Noise & Vibration monitoring
  • Advance treatment of Invasive Species
  • Vacancies

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