The Quadrant

Commencing in January 2011, VolkerHighways carried out public realm improvement works  to  Glasshouse Street, Sherwood Street, Brewer Street, and Air Street within Piccadilly and adjacent areas.

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Stanhope plc
Contract Period
January 2011 - December 2011
Contract Value
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These works are within a highly congested pedestrianised area and we ensured at all times that access and egress was available to pedestrians, theatre goers and shop owners.

Close liaison with London Underground ensured we maintained access at all times from Piccadilly Underground Station.

The project required a variety of VolkerHighways' capabilities such as 2,950m2 Yorkstone and 900m2 Granite paving, various concrete and Granite Kerb works, carriageway re-surfacing, street lighting and drainage.

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